Friday, July 18, 2008


The highlight of my summer! Maybe even my life!! Ha ha. For those of you who know of my love "or obsession some may call it" for David Cook, this concert was the best thing ever!! This is one of my very best friends Jamie. She and I are die hard American Idol lovers. She instantly loved Michael Johns and I from day one loved David Cook. We never missed a show. So as soon as we found out the tour was coming to SLC, we bought tickets. I got a sitter and she took work off and we made a whole day of it. We went shopping, got our makeup done, went to dinner, and off we went to the best concert EVER!!!! We were decked to the 9's and we had the time of our lives!!
"no pun intended" Ha Ha.
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My Man!!

Yes there he is!! Isn't he gorgeous! After the concert we found out the idols would come out and sign autographs. So of course we waited. We only met two, the first night. I also found out that the next day if I came back up to the E Center at 1pm they would be back signing again. So I packed up the kids and off we went. We waited 3 1/2 hours in the heat, but YES it was worth it. We were 1st in line for everyone that came out. We got our pictures with everyone of them and their autographs. We met Jamie's boyfriend, Michael Johns. My kids told me I made a fool out of myself. But it must have been worth it because I got him to talk to Jamie on my phone and then got myself on the news!! It was INCREDIBLE!!!
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What a STUD!!!

Jamie loves him!!
He was so willing to oblige our wishes!!
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She was so shy, but so excited!
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Even though I am not in this picture, this one is my favorite! Jaxon is always pulling goofy faces when we take his picture, but in this one he is adorable. Well they both are!!
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I went with my friend Kali the 2nd night and you would think she was one with the die hard crush! She wasn't even a AI watcher. But she paved the way for me to get a bear hug from my boyfriend!
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I LOVE HIM!! I told him his future wife and stepchildren were waiting for him. Ha Ha! And Yes, Corby knows of my obsession and is perfectly ok with it. I just love him! He is amazing when he performs, SEXY!! Yeah I am borderline stalker. So watch out David Cook. I felt like a teenager again. My kids had so much fun, and they got to see their mom be crazy and have a great time!
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Jax turned 9!!

Jaxon's favorite present was a Boston hat and a keychain! He and Colbi both were able to take their friends to the pool for a party.
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Colbi's 7th B-day

Colbi turned 7!! She spent it out camping.
She wasn't thrilled about it but it turned out
to be a great b-day.
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Thursday, July 17, 2008


My second 10k in 3 weeks. Agghh!
I have developed such a love for running.
I promised myself I would do a few races this
summer so two down and at least a few more
to go. I finished this one in 1hr 1min 58 sec.
This course had more hills than the previous one.
It was wonderful! I passed Corby and the kids along
the parade route and my mom and Brent were
waiting for me at the finish line!
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Camping on the 4th!

We finally made out camping! We had such a good time. The weather was so beautiful! The kids just go, go, go! The 4 wheeler never stops from sun up until sun down. They love it. So do we.
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I have become a runner!! One of my very best friends ran the Crack of Dawn 10k with me on June 7th. It was supposed to be a beautiful sunny morning. But as we all know, June was rainy, cold and sometimes snowy. So we ran in the cold. We finished in exactly 60 minutes. WOW!! I was so proud, especially because this time my husband didn't miss me at the finish line.
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