Friday, July 18, 2008


The highlight of my summer! Maybe even my life!! Ha ha. For those of you who know of my love "or obsession some may call it" for David Cook, this concert was the best thing ever!! This is one of my very best friends Jamie. She and I are die hard American Idol lovers. She instantly loved Michael Johns and I from day one loved David Cook. We never missed a show. So as soon as we found out the tour was coming to SLC, we bought tickets. I got a sitter and she took work off and we made a whole day of it. We went shopping, got our makeup done, went to dinner, and off we went to the best concert EVER!!!! We were decked to the 9's and we had the time of our lives!!
"no pun intended" Ha Ha.
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Nabby Hazar said...

How fun. i am so jealous. i am an "AI" fan as well. I am a bigger "so you think you can dance" fan. i went to the concert last year and i hope to go this year as well.

Meaja said...

You Rock Mandy for meeting THE David Cook! What a treasured memory!

Mike & Audra said...

Uh, say that I am jealous would be an understatement! What an awesome and fun experience. I love the pictures.

Oh, and double congrats on the running! It's my new hobby, too:)

James and Yvonne said...

I love it! All of the pictures are so fun. Glad your kids got to meet all of them too. I am sad we are moving and I won't get to see you anymore. Thanks for being a great friend. Take Care and keep in touch!

Cori Simmons said...

Kinda crazy - I linked to your blog from sunshines. Hope you guys are doing great. I may have to spy occasionaly - hope you don't mind. Darling family.